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Wine Bottle Wine Glass

Half Bottle, Half Glass, All Good Drunken Fun! Now you can drink straight from the giant bottle like you've always wanted to, without all the judgmental looks from onlookers...we hope.

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Wine Bottle Wine Glass

Giant Wine Bottle Wine Glasses Just Save Time... Spent Sober

It's Friday night, the kids/noise machines have finally passed out. All that's left is for the commander in chief of the house to kick back and have some peace. It's time to break out your favorite bottle of Pinot Grigio and keep watch over the fort with nothing but your netflix account. Sounds great, right? Do you know the only thing that would make it better? Not acting like you aren't going to have more than one glass. This is your time and you will have your time how you see fit. Pour that whole bottle into this wine bottle wine glass and you won't even have to get up to refill that rinky-dink glass, that's a rookie goblet. There are no judgments here, lay back on the cushiest of couches in your home, have some cheese and crackers and drift off into wine paradise. You deserve it, we know it, you know it, why fight it?

It's Girls Only Tonight, The Only Other Invitee Is Rosť

Some people who see the Wine Bottle Wine Glass scoff at the size. Wine is something you sniff, swirl, gargle and savior, right? Yeah, maybe if you're a yuppie from wine country, anybody else will tell you, it's for fun! Wine is something that is meant to be enjoyed, do you know what destroys enjoyment? Work! Yes, there are a lot of varietals of grapes and styles of wine, that's not what this is for! This bottle is for people with friends. People who want to share with friends. Pass this bad boy around and polish it off with your best buddies while dishing on the latest gossip. Have a movie marathon and snacks with the least pretentious wine glass going, the one that is fused to the bottle. Everyone knows that bottle won't last the night anyway!

Wine Is Never As Good Once It's Been Left Out, So Finish It!

Wine is fine when it's aged, it is actually a necessary part of getting the flavor that the creators want out of the wine. There is one thing that drunk people are, though: forgetful! That bottle of wine isn't getting the cork put back in at the end of the night. It's going to sit there until morning and get thrown out. Why waste that wonderful elixir? It's just a mess waiting to happen if it is left out or unfinished. It actually makes more sense to finish the whole thing than to sip at it over a week. Isn't drunk logic fun? Just make sure that everybody's keys are on the roof or at the very least hidden and have fun kids, that's what this wine bottle wine glass is about!

The Perfect All-In-One Party Starter!

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